Local Butcher - Saar

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering, is there a good local butcher around in Bahrain. Possibly do weekly deliveries ?

I know this is very much the norm in UK however i have not seen anything yet.

Or even an alternative to Alosra will help.

Saar area.

Thank you


This trend is not found in Bahrain. Usually many visit the main Manama market or  hypermarkets around.  There are a very few hand counted Butcher shops across Bahrain i believe.


Hi there ,

There is one local butcher shop in saar in the old village itself, and as our friend Logical said you can always visit the central market in Manama , or visit the central market in Souq Waqif or Jidhafs .

I do live in Saar area too, if you need any info or help will be glad to help you out .

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