2 weeks holiday........

Hello Forum,
Well I have 2 weeks booked for sand sea and sangria, oh no that's Spain, OK I have 2 weeks in Varna can expect sand and sea then? (as Meatloaf once said 2 out of 3 ain't bad!) who?? yeah yeah........ :lol:
Regards Steve.

Cubo (a beach bar in the center of the varna strip) usually has decent sangria, just so you know... not southern spain good, but definitely drinkable.

Why thank you, I bow to your knowledge and will hopefully raise a glass in your direction you often seem clued up, I know you'd holidayed this area last month, as I saw your post on breakfasts? So thank's again. I am flying in to Varna although will be staying further up the coast, I have traveled through many parts of Bulgaria over the last 4 years, some parts like anywhere I've enjoyed others not so, I'm keeping an open mind on the resort area OK this may not have traditional qualities like other area's I've visited but as a summer holiday I look forward to relaxing in the sun and re-charging my batteries, a place to kick back and chill.  (I fly out Saturday I will take some pictures that I hope will be added to the forum in the coming weeks) :cheers:  Steve.

I actually lived in Varna for a year and my in-laws live there, so we visit about once a month. I'll be moving back there for two months in the winter to have my baby. (I don't like the hospital in Gabrovo).

I haven't been to the resorts north of Varna, but I hear they have some great mineral spring pools, if you are in to that :) And if you like nature, check out yalata and the monastery up that way, for sure.

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