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Would you like to have a coffee, organize a dinner or find people for activities in Bulgaria?

To help you meet people and find outings in Bulgaria, we launched a Gatherings and Events section in Bulgaria: you can now follow what’s going on in your area and make the most of your time off.

You can also create events and organize a gathering with the members.

How to create a gathering?

On the Events in Bulgaria page, click on “Post an event”.
Fill in the form with the details related to the gathering: date, place, hour… and post your event.

It’s now time to invite the other members! You can opt for a public event or a private one (Invitation or Invitation plus).

To send invites, click on “Invite friends” on your event page and select who you wish to invite.

Get informed of who is coming through this page and get in touch with the other members or add pictures of the events in the comments.

A photo album dedicated to the event will then be created.

What do you think of this new feature?



Good idea. I will organize the first meeting for Sofia. Anyone who would like to assist is wellcome.

yo yo when we goin to the beach ? :d

Which beach will it be on ? I've recently moved to Varna and would like to start a weekly quizz night, as there are numerous bars suitable in town.  If there are some quizzes already going , could you inform me, via here. Thanks:-) Merlinman.

Though possible, a few people in Bulgaria willgo to the beach these days. I think you just missed the January bathing session ... it was some 10 days ago:
Pics here:

and here:

So  I will rather find a nice bar with red wine and Bulgarian Lukanka... :))
Preparation is important!!

but in Sofia, Varna is too far from me,... probably in the summer.

I would love to go to the beach in Varna

A " meet and greet " night out has been listed in the upcoming events section under the community heading on the top of the page.
This is a informal gathering open to all members to be held at J J Murphy's bar in Sofia, it will be good to meet up with other Forum members, anyone that's interested can go view the listing and reply? (see you at the bar!)
OK cheers Steve.  :top:

Let us know when the meeting is happing as our son owns/runs JJ Murphys new and old pub to make sure there are no other bookings.


Anyone living in Varna???

Hi the meet and greet is for February 23rd, around 7pm. (listed on the " Events " in the Community section top of the page)
I assume it is not going to packed out on a Tuesday night, but if you want to inform your son of this night that is great, currently we have 4 including myself, so the venue could be currently held in a phone box!  :lol:
Cheers Steve.

I can't make it that night as I'll be washing my hair ... in England.

But from July onwards I'm in!



Hi Niko,I moved to Briz area, Northeast Varna, in November.Would be good to meet you, anytime, as I'm retired. Merlinman:-)

Sure, PM me. Where do you come from? I am originally from Moscow and I've been living in Varna for almost 3 years. I teach English, German, Bulgarian and Russian to adults.

Great+,as. I need to improve my very basic Bulgarian and also to learn Russian. I backpacked through Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan last summer, and Russian is the 2nd language in those countries. If you suggest somewhere to meet, after next Monday, 8th, I will look forward to our meeting,Merlinman

How many people have planned going to the meet and greet evening ?  Probably we should reserve a table at the pub ?

kristiann :

How many people have planned going to the meet and greet evening ?  Probably we should reserve a table at the pub ?

Currently 5? with another 1 maybe? With a week to go........................ :)
(This may increase but for now we should be OK?)
If anymore people wish to come please look up the invite in the "Community" heading and see "events" listing, the more the merrier and the need for extra tables?
Cheers Steve.

I'm posting a picture from last night's meet and greet event.
This is our table at Murpy's

.... sorry it didn't come out, I'll try again, but anyway, it was an empty one

And I think we need beeter organisation next time  :)

Re: last post I can only apologize as I did turn up at JJ Murphy bar seem's that it was possibly the wrong bar??
I was not able to access the internet to obtain my mails and therefore could not check on the address, I booked the last table in the bar, waited till 19:30 then went back to my hotel, sorry in advance I should have wrote down the address in advance.
I will include a picture of the front of the bar the camera is on UK time so reads 17:30 but anyone that thought I was organizing something then not turning well, I had the best intentions to be there! (hoping that show the picture?)

Don't worry, next time we'll be more. And I also wasn't able to upload a picture. But, in fact the waitress confirmed that one person was there before me, and left around 7.30.

I suppose it was you.

High time for another gathering ? Who's in??

I am!

Yeah I might be down, maybe create an event?

Looks like you live a bit far - in Varna :)

but on the other hand it is just the time to go to the seaside :)

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