Here at last.

At long last I am living permanently in my house in a village near Veliko Tarnovo.

So I was a wondering ... are there any of you fair forum members who would like to be this lonely old soul's friend and meet up for a chat, a cuppa or a pint sometime?

I await your responses with gleeful anticipation.



Hi Terry,,,,Good on you,making that big leap to BG,,,,i live in Ganchovets,20min drive to VT,,so if you want to meet up anytime,let me know for cuppa,,,,,,,,chao eddie

Ha-ha two grumpy old men! (only joking!)
Well done Terry, pleased you got over the line mate.
Best wishes Steve.

I would absolutely love that Eddie. When would be convenient for you?

Thanks Steve. I'm here but my stuff from England won't be arriving here for another three weeks so I'm rattling around in this house a bit.

Tis a grand feeling though.

До скоро.


Hi terry,Iam in turkincha.can meet for a coffee if u like.

That would be great Andy. Where and when. I can't exactly say I'm busy so just about whenever you like would be fine by me.


Hi Terry,,,,,How about Sat or Sunday..10am VT,,,meet you at Cafe next to Unicredit Bulbank,,,eddie

Perfect Eddie. I've probably walked past the place a thousand times but I don't know where it is. Do you know the name of the street or another landmark?

its on main rd,,that runs right thro VT,,,,if coming from Old Town,past big statue in centre,,250yds on left..past Unicredit Bulbank is Cafe

Righto. I'll find it.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Terry,,,Sat or Sunday ???

hi Terry,will b in dryanavo tomorrow morning for market,or sunday maybe.

Sorry Eddie, just seen your question. Sunday would be best as we're already well into Saturday now.


How about next Saturday in Dryanovo Andy?

Ok terry,that would b try to get to market about 10am..

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