Hello my name is Tommy. I was born in Tanga, Tanzania but raised in the US (Chicago, Go Bulls.) I'm 25 years old and working as a software developer. I have been to Tanga a few times in my life but i think i am ready to move back to Tanga, Tanzania. I have a few friends and family, but i won't be relying on them in this journey, it's a journey i'd like to take alone. Not saying that i won't need/ask for anyone's help.

The reason i'm interested moving back to Tanzania(especially Tanga) comes from a pure entrepreneur mind set. I think Africa is growing(economically), people are investing in Africa. Tanzania is among the top countries for foreign companies to invest in. Think of it as the wild west (not in that sense of violence etc..) but more like new frontiers and lots of opportunities. I speak decent Swahili (Swahili speaking parents.) so navigating Tanzania won't be so hard.

I'd like to invest, start business, work and eventually raise a family in Tanga, Tanzania. Now mind you everyone i talk to says Dar es Salaam is where the money is at and i agree with them. Everyone says Tanga seems dead, it's slow, money circulation is poor. And i also agree with them. But i'd like to change that. Tanga is very dear to my heart, most people don't know but in the 60's Tanga was one of the largest contributors to Tanzania's GDP. Tanga was a thriving industrial city. Textile (ujamaa etc..), simba cement, mkonge(sisal) etc. But through corruption and bad governance Tanga lost! Recovery has been hard, but i'm determined to at least try and change it.

So... This is where you come in. I'd like to get feedback from expats,because having lived in other (more successful countries compared to Tanzania) you can see what's lacking. So what do you think are best investment opportunities in Tanga .Are there services you'd like to see in Tanga, maybe you have a business there, how is it going?  I'm interested in Manufacturing, technology, healthcare, transportation, education and financial services. I'd like to venture into other areas later on.

I'm also currently in talks with a local university in Toledo, Ohio USA. That will help me with the funds to build a small, modern library in Tanga. Most of you know that we lack in educational materials in Tanzania and libraries are one of them. I enjoy going to my local library here in the states, reading many books, talking to people etc and it's free of charge. I'd like to start something like that in Tanga.

Tanga's Sister Cities:
Germany Eckernförde, Germany (since 1963)
Finland Kemi, Finland (since 2007)
Western Sahara Tifariti, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
United States Toledo, USA (since August 28, 2001)
China Weihai, China

Please help me by sharing information. I welcome any challenge, criticism, ideas etc.. I know i won't be able to change the whole city alone. Unless i have a few billion dollars. But Tanga means a lot to me, it's very dear in my heart. The beautiful surroundings, our foods, the coastal line, the people. Tanga should be more than it is now and i intend to play my part.

Thank you, Ahsanteni sana.

Mungu awabariki,

Mungu ibariki Africa,

Mungu ibariki Tanzania.


Mimi naitwa hawa nipo tanga pia najisikia fahari saana saana kuona mtu anampango wa kuiendeleza tanga. Mimi napenda kuungana na wewe kwenye ufunguaji wa library yako hata kamA unataka library yako iwe kwenye upande wakibiashara zaidi kwa sababu mimi nilishafanya field kwenye library ya wilaya ya tanga na TLSB kwa ujumla so naweza kua na msaada mkubwa kwako kumotivati watu kuja kusoma na kuacha library ya TLSB isiokua na msaada wowote kwa watu wao. Then kwenye biasha mimi sio mfanya biashara ndo kwanza namaliza chuo. Unajua nini tanga  ivi wameanza kua  na vyuo alafu tanga watu wanaumwinyi bado so nakushauri ufungue cjui tuite mgahawa ila uwe na vimichezochezo like mabembea sweaming pools. and kwenye kilimo tanga ndo sehemu yanapatika maembe mazuri zaidi

Hello :cheers:

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hi mambo vp

I think you should think about using your skill as a software developer and sell customized software to companies in Tanzania. Alternatively you can open an Institute to teach Microsoft and other softwares thereby you can contribute industrial standards to the society. I am an expat living in Mwanza and I have a software background. Here I have seen many doing basic computer courses but they are not upto the required standards. Its more business than actually making them competent. Many don't know about using C,C++ , DBMS and other coding programs. There is a BIG opportunity for this in Tanzania. My work status don't allow me to take this leap to start a business. But you can do it. Think over.

Good Luck!

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