Looking for an English teacher

As I need an English teacher (class have 3 members); location is Tan Binh or Phu Nhuan district. Teacher is English native speaker. ***

Thank you!

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Hello Maria1588 :cheers:

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So as to find an English teacher, I invite you to drop an advert in the following section:

> Language classes in Vietnam


thank you for your kind support!

You can also try Vietnam ESL on Facebook.

thank you :)

You can try Pham Ngu Lao park. Plenty of native speakers there.

hi thank you for your info but i would like to find a class for our group.

Oh ma old friend :D

Why don't you ask Chris to introduce to you some of his friends who are still teaching in Vietnam? In his farewell party I have met some and they are good teachers also.

He told me already but still not get any information until now ^^. I found some but they dont accept to teach group more than 2 members =.= We have 3.

Inbox me the fee you are able to pay. May introduce to you a handsome trainee lawyer :D

I will be arriving in Vietnam on 26th September.

Can I help?


You can contact to Daniel ( *** ) . He comes from America and lives in Gò Vấp now. His class is opened for 5 students.

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Hi I'm Fabio
Please contact me if are you still looking for an english teacher
Hoping to hear you soon
Thanks in advance

Hi. Are you still looking for a teacher?


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