Teenagers in the streets

Hi, my name is Ramil a Filipino currently working in Olaya, Riyadh.

I have a problem dealing with bystander teenagers chatting in the streets where I live, often they seats on the trunk my car even I them told so many time not to do so, until today they broke the spoiler of my car. Is there any way or where to complain these kids?

Legally; yes you can... But the ground reality is it wouldn't work much. And you might end up getting worse. Better to come peace with those guys. Make them friends or at least have a good chit chat and don't ask them not to sit on your car. Believe me; it will work magic.

Hang out with them for sometime, get to know them better, even share some good tips and advices with them, be very friendly and then get into the real subject. This wont happen in 5 minutes, be ready to spend atleast a week before they listen to you.
Messing with teenagers in the street is the last thing you want.

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