Is it legal for PNG Police and Court to seize a foreign passport?

Hi everyone,

I am posting the above topic hoping that someone could shed a light as one fellow Filipino expat in Lae was detained in the police station due to the absence and tardiness of his PNG legal counsel during court hearing. He is obliged to attend the court hearing every Monday, in which, he religiously following this court order for his sexual harassment case, however, yesterday his legal counsel was late for the hearing and the court immediately ordered for his detainment and the police is asking for a K3500 bail for the second time.  The first one was when the police caught him for the case filed against him and seized his passport.

I believe that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. I am not saying all PNG women workforce but some are using this 'sexual harassment case' in order to get revenge for termination or to have a compensation against their employer and immediate superior. I do not know anything about PNG passport act concerning on this one but I reckon Philippine Embassy in PNG should involved on this matter.


If the person is considered to be a flight risk then the passport can be seized.
Best to urgently contact the Embassy for advice.

Hi mate,

He is not a flight risk and actually he is willing to face the allegations against him.  As part of his K4000 bail the court seized his passport as part of condition that he will not leave the country otherwise the court will detain his immediate superior on his behalf. I already contacted the Phil. Embassy yesterday and they will act on this matter.

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