Need urgent help.

Hi. My partner was born in Port Moresby and we are trying to get his full birthcertificate. Can someone please help us. We have written to registrar generals office but had no response.

Hey Caz willing to help you both. Are you guys in Port Moresby or in Australian. Please write to my Messenger, willing to help out. Your partner would probably got through process by Civil Registry in order to obtain a PNG birth certificate. We can talk more and I can try get some I formation to you guys ifyou're not in PNG.

Hi ake. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Can you tell me where to apply and could you also find out how much it would cost to get it. We are in Australia.

i have contacts that can assist with this. let me know if you still need help

Omg.  Yes please.  We really are in need of some help. We don’t know where. How or who to contact to get his birth certificate. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Caz I hope you got some help already?

I did tried to make attempt to speak with someone higher in the birth registry office however I was not very lucky as they are crazily busy as I was being told. I spoke with someone who works there too and she told me the best is to contact the Office perhaps the immigration too for this matter. I frankly however dont understand all of this but though should just pass it on anyway.

Hope you all is going well for you both.


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