How to immigrate with family

Hi all
I need help please ... My boss wants to Move to Canada with his family and he asked me to find out how he can go there and start a business... can you please help me?
what are the formalities to start a business in Canada and what is the best place to live in?
thank you so much

Hello Masalma :cheers:

You may want to forward the link of our living in Canada guide to your boss because there is a lot to read to understand the formalities behind being able to immigrate there.

Also, do note that Canada is presently offering selective immigration, that is mostly skilled workers are having the chance to move there.


hi Kenjee
thanks you so much for the prompt answer I already read the guide before posting in your forum and sent to my boss but the problem he don't want to read anything he wants me to find out a way for him to and he don't even want to answer the questions on the government website to see if he is legible or not. he wants me to find a solution for him... please what can I do

If he does not want to go through the approved immigration process then he will not be able to immigrate.

Thank you Stumpy I already informed him about that

Well! Your answer is not quite true...if He doesn't  want to go through the Adm machine...He Can hire an immigration counselor to do all the work ...

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