I want to teach in Colombia!

Hi there! I am Filipino. I am an English teacher and teaching now here in Saudi Arabia.
I am planning after my contract to teach in South America, specifically in Colombia.
How shall I start?

I am searching agencies to apply but most of them look for a native English speaker. I am not native but English is our National Language in Philippines. I have wide array of teaching experiences to non-English speakers.
Anyone can give suggestions for me. I wouldn't mind if I will get a volunteer position, as long as all expenses paid for me.

Hi Jayromenunez,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Colombia section of the website. If ever an opportunity arises, it will be easier for the employer to view your cv and contact you.

All the best,

Why dont you try the Colombian governments program of hiring teachers from abroad? They might be more flexible. Otherwise I guess you are right in the sense that if you are not a native English speaker (or you dont sound like One) it can be difficult to get a footing here. After all, there are many Colombian teachers who could do The job then.

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