English in Brazil

hello everyone .
i would like to know about English language in Brazil . how many people are speak English and which city is more speak English in Brazil .

Hi I would say about 1 to 2 % of all people that live in brazil speak English

what about the city. where i can fined most people speak English

I live in a town of 20,000 people, there3 English people in the whole town, so if you take into account the 3 English speaking people, there wifes speak English as well, then you have 6 people, to that is %.03 of people,
so I would imagine there are people in very town that talk English, but finding them, is being the problem,
if you coming to brazil, and you only speak English, your going to have a real big problem

Yes Educatin...and your english seems worse than mine. Speaking english has no use in Brazil. This is an added value for Brazilian only, they can add it on their CV. Portuguese is the only important language. Final.
Funny story, when I moved here, I meet a few people who gave me their business card with written on it "MBA blablabla..."I though great, some english speakers! Then switching in learn that actually they did not speak english. I mean : my portuguese after a few months in Brazil was better than their english.

I know quite a few Brazilians here in Campinas who speak English. The level of fluency wildly varies, but English speakers can be found. Many of them are my husband's co-workers. (Husband works for a major multinational, and all employees in his company need to speak basic English.) I also know several Brazilians who work for 3M, and they all speak English as well.

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