Where do expats hang out in Santo Domingo

Visiting in August where can I meet expats , to gather information and socialize ?

This has been asked a few times, we suggest the Colonial Zone, on the Conde.

I agree with planner. I see tons of expats in zona colonial. However, I see a lot over by Blue mall and Acropolis too. On the Chuchy north of 27 de Febrero. Safe area, great sushi.

For those who don't know Chuchy = Churchill as in Avenida Winston Churchill.

Oh sorry! I'll clarify next time

We all do this honey,  we forget that many dont know the slang or shortened names. I remember the first time I hunted for  Chuchi......LOL  I was lost for a long time.

For the people who want to get out on modern places and know the modern Santo Domingo (no merengue places, no bachata places, just modern music and modern people), you can text me on a private message.  :)

Yea. I would suggest La Zona Colonial ... I visit often and usually see people in that area also with a mix of locals. El Conde has several bars and cafes also.

Hey I was thinking of opening a Jazz/Latin bar in Santo Domingo any suggestions

welcome to the forums.  HOw many times have you been to SD? Do you live here?  Do you speak Spanish?  Do you know hte law? Have you run a bar before? I have a hundred questions for you.

Good idea - maybe!   Maybe not. Depends on many many things.

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