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Hi all

I'm 35 with a 1 year old son living in Punta Cana.  After a quiet 2 years I'm ready to get back out and about!

I'd love to meet male/female expats to hit a couple of bars and restaurants in either Punta Cana or the capital

Sorry I am a long way away!!!

We are on the north coast as well.  Good luck in your search for other expats

Bob K

Hi JamaicanLondoner,

My wife and I will be arriving in PC this Friday. Once we get settled I will try to get a "get Together" forum going for expats in PC. If anyone is interested please PM me and I will start to get a list together.

Also hope that in addition to some "socializing", we might also be able to get together for some community activities.

Thanks, JOHN

That would be great!

Hi Dear, I am open to hit a couple of bars with you for a nice conversation, it's time to make new friends in our new country :)
And if someone else is up to the meeting will be even more fun, hit me up!

And it works!   I will be planning a trip soon to Punta Cana and would love to meet you all as well.

anyone coming to Santo Domingo just let me know.

With saddened heart, I too am on the glorious North coast. Wish you well,  am sure you will hook up with new people.

Your heart is saddened because you live on the north coast ????   :D
Me I love there

Bob K

WRONG!   It is because so many others do not enjoy the pleasures of North shore living!  First visited here in 1996 & kept returning at every chance I had, even for just a long weekend. Sold my restaurant in St Croix & moved here March 3rd., 2002. Best decision of my life.  Bob, will there be another get together in December like last year? I hope so. It should be a semi annual affair.   It would benefit the areas "newbes" as well as we long timers. What is your opinion of the idea?  Any one else?

What is heaven for one is hell for the other.  To each his own!

We simply encourage  newbies to explore the island and find what is BEST FOR THEM. Then we respect their choices.

Yes to regular get togethers. I will be on the north coast for much of the holiday season.  I hear a Christmas get together...............

I'm not saying people are making a wrong choice, I'm saying explore all the island has to offer before making that final choice.  For 2 years prior to retiring, I researched many places throughout Central America, other islands down to Isla Roques off the coast of Venezuela. From their topography. economics, medical, government system, education & history among other topics. I had been to Sosua many times but knew that I should explore other areas.  I've spent enough years in large cities, NYC, Miami etc, to know that a life in a small pond was more my style.  If I was going to spend the rest of my life somewhere it better have all I required to be content & fulfilled. So for me it is the DR & the north shore.  That is why I suggest as so many others, that you explore & enjoy the sights, sounds, food, & the wonderful Dominican people. Outside of the tourist areas is the real DR.  Live where ou are most comfortable, but never neglect experiencing the whole island. I hope that I've cleared up any misconceptions I may have caused.   Yeah, the x-mas season is a good time for the resumption of the get togethers. Sosua is centrally located & easy to reach. Let's do it folks!

Tinker hear you loud and clear.  We would live no where else on this island.
Yes we will be here in December

Bob K

I have lived all over this country and each place has its own appeal.  I am back in Santo Domingo again and thoroughly  enjoying it!

Hi Planner and all.

Hope things are good. I'm a newbie to forum and all things DR. But i like what i've heard and am coming over early this year sometime. My plan is to stay in Santa domingo for awhile and have a look around. I have a TESOL certificate to teach basic English, so i might do that. Open eyes, ears, heart and mind for now. Greg

Hi Greg let me know when you will be here!!!

Welcome to the forums!

Will do. Thanks planner!

Hi everyone! Happy New year!

I'm new to the forum and new-ish to the DR. Been living in Santo Domingo for a year but traveling so much that it's been hard to get to know the place.

Looking to meet people here and see more of the country. Happy to travel to PC for a meet up too!

I am in Santo Domingo  and will message you privately.

And welcome to the forums!  Where were my manners!!!!

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