I am going to be moving to Girona in 2017

Hi Renee

Almeria, where I am in Costa Almeria, Andalucia, is pleasantly warm without being opressive. There is almost always a slight breeze. It is also quite warm in the Winter although I have only been in April, prior to this stay. I have also been in Malaga which can be very hot. That is one of the reasons I chose to be here.

Hope to see you in September.


Thank you so much for your reply.  I am not sure where Almeria is?  How far is it from Malaga?  Please tell me more about yourself.  How long have you been living in Almeria? I believe you said that you were from the UK?  Do you live in Almeria on a full time basis.....

I would look forward to meeting you in September....You could tell me all about Almeria. 


Inez  a.k.a. Renee

Hello Jo:

I am also new to this forum but I can see that it will be helpful.  To tell you a little more about myself, I retired from a government career here in the States and am now working as a contractor.  I am older than yourself and I read that you were looking for some BRITS, like yourself, who are also transitioning from one country to another.  I am also considering living in Girona.  I think it is absolutely breathtaking.....lots of beautiful history, quaint cobblestone streets, very much unlike those here in Washington, D.C.!  I am planning a visit to Girona on the 7th of September for 10 days( as this would be my second visit)...s o o I do not know the different areas, as yet, but hope to do so after the 10 days are up.  I have found a few real estate agents who I will call and hopefully set up appointments with prior to my arriving in Girona.  Shall we keep in touch and I will let you know how it goes.... In the meantime, please tell me more about yourself and why you have chosen Girona as a possible new home.



Hi Renee,

Just to inform you that i have created a new thread with your post on the Girona forum in order to help you to communicate more effectively with the members.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Molly

Sorry about the delay, I have only just noticed your message. I am actually living in Almeria at present not thinking of Girona although I would like to see it.

I have a couple of properties in the UK but got fed up with the climate and the stagnation there. I am anxious to meet people and improve on my poor Spanish. I have done a variety of jobs, trainee buyer, factory, had a public house with my ex husband.  It would be good to meet up.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Hi Renee

I am actually living in Almeria, renting a place. I have a couple of properties in the UK which are mortgaged heavily. I got sick of the UK and especially the climate. I have no real ties there and am very much on my own.  I am desperately trying to make a life here and make friends and improve my Spanish but am finding it difficult to find places to go to meet up.


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