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I am Moroccan and i live in Morocco now there is no viza between Morocco and hongkong i have a right to stay for one month i never been overseas and i ask about a flights and plane aireports if i am going to  book a ticket to hk and plane will have stops in some other countries which i have no free vizas for them do i need any Viza permission that let me stay in aireport of a country till i will  get again in plane that will take me to Hk
Morocco        France                    Germany  and      Hongkong
My country   viza required       viza required         viza not required
  Please if any one could provide me with informations iwould be thankful and greatfullllll

The answer depends on transfer details and each airport has its own rules. However most of the time you will not need a visa for a transit if you don't stay in the airport. You can verify with the airline or your travel agent or look online (eg, Emirates has an online tool to check your visa requirements ... but the results are not always easy to read)

Hi Abdel,

No, it shouldn't be a problem as you do not actually enter a country until you have passed through their immigration. So as long as your ticket is from Morocco to Kong Kong then you should be fine. In those other airports usually you remain in the airport and just go to a transfer desk and someone there will tell you which terminal you should go to for your connecting flight.

From my experience, even if you are required to leave your terminal building to go to another one, the transfer desk will usually direct you to a shuttle bus so that you still do not need to pass through immigration.


"However most of the time you will not need a visa for a transit if you don't stay in the airport." <- Sorry I meant you will not need a visa is you _stay_ in the airport, but beware if you need to transfer.

As an example, you quoted Morocco -> France -> Hong Kong. If your flight from Casablanca arrives in Paris Orly and your correspondance flight to Hong Kong leaves from Paris Roissy (which is most likely the case), you will definitely need a visa for your stay in France. Sometimes it is the same within different terminals of a single airport when they are too far away from each other. So be careful especially if your flights are not with the same airline.

Yup, it's possible, so better check with your Travel Agent to confirm.

Oh how much i am greatful and thankful for you brothers i really i am happy for your help i learnt from you many thanks and all my respects to you gentlemen :thanks:

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