/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ - Which bank to choose?

assalamualaikom everyone....i want to ask brother and sister if someone try to get a loan in a bank without salary trasfer (since my salary is on cash) which bank and minumun salary.pls do help....thank and godbless.

Hello dear
There is no bank will give loan...
You must have atleast bank account... and its required to show a bank statement atleast for three months...
Try in farwaniya... same building with almaween ... but you show have garantor...also in cfc. Hawally...

Maam..ellien where is thelocation of farwaniya???thanks for the reply maam

Some banks do give loans without salary transfer...which would mean you wont have to open an account with them. You might need to provide letter from company however to them and also the rates they give you may be higher.  Check for more details , Emirates NBD, Alinma etc are few banks that provides loans without salary transfers.

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