Final Exit and Bank Accounts

Dear Friends,

I plan to apply for Final Exit  and leave KSA as soon as possible, I will have some pending payments with my medical Insurance company, they have told that they will only  make the reimbursement payment through EFT (  Electronic Fund Transfer -Online to the Bank account) or Cheque  , But this transfer or Cheque will be done only after i leave KSA on Final Exit.  Since i wont be in KSA I plan to opt for Bank Transfer.

My Q :

1. Will be bank account be active even after i get a final exit ? Or are the Bank account automatically closed ?  It's AlAhli Bank.

2.  If my account will be active, Will it remain active till the expiry of Iqama, since Bank records have my Iqama Expiry Date ?

3. Are the online banking still working after the expiry of Iqama or they are also blocked?

Looking forward to your response.


The answers to all your questions are yes. However it is a must for you not to close your account but rather leave some amount and still you can withdraw them outside ksa. Your bank account can be active for as long as your iqama is valid. I went final exit last 20 jan 2016 and still my bank account is active. My iqama is valid till July 2016.

Something smell fishy here. They probably have plans not to pay you ever.
Settle the matters before you leave.

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