Doctors and Dentists San Pedro Sula

HN doctors and dentists are on the most part excellent. They may lack the technology, but are dedicated and well trained. Also affordable. They saved my left knee and right wrist. 

I do not know where to include this but it is a health issue and that is how filthy and stinky San Pedro Sula is downtown. It used to be nice, but now one has to walk in the streets in attempting to avoid the stench of human excrement. The park is nicely made, yet filthy. One can walk in front of the Cathedral, but not behind it or at the sides of it because the stench is unbearable. It leaves a horrible impression.

If you are looking for state side quality medical and dental go to the Gran Hotel Sula as there is advertising in the lobby. CEMESA in San Pedro Sula, Hospital DÁntoni in La Ceiba and Hospital Vieras are of excellent quality.

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