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Are there contractors that specialize in septic systems and installation of water filtration?  I went to Costa Rica several years ago and actually drank tap water and had no problems.  Not so much on my last trip to Honduras.  Honduras is far more geographically beautiful and the people outside the big cities are far more friendly.  If anyone knows any info or has had success with water and septic system please let me know.  Thanks and Blessings

I would suggest, always drink purified water in Honduras, as much of the world. I spent some time. recently in Copan and Roatan: everyone drank purified water (tourists and locals).

One cannot know the conditions of the pipes, water sources etc.

Thank you so much for the reply.  Is there a safe bank to use?  Are debit cards common or does one need to use cash?  Peggyd how long have you lived in Honduras?  Were in Honduras do you live.

You were lucky

Cash is king in Honduras. No problem with it as this is bargaining power.

Septic is usually holding tanks that could been a pump out in 3-4 years but usually would be 6-7.

PM me if you want specifics as I've been a developer/builder in La Ceiba for many many years

Is Scotia Bank reliable there?

There was an individual from Texas who lived in Siguatepeque and had a well dug.  He had his water tested at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas and the water was of high quality! Most tap water in Honduras  will most likely give you amoebas and parasites. Take the anti-bicho medicine every six months!

are you moving to Santa Rosa de Copán? I leave in a couple weeks to live there for a year (!)

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