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I have spent several hours looking online for home rentals in Da Lat and found only a handful of homes, none of which were appealing. This appears to be the smallest rental market I've seen since searching for a home in Cuenca, EC., where I discovered people put signs in their yard to sell or rent. Is that the case here. Are their a fair number of homes to choose from? Is their a site online with hundreds of listings to choose from?

It's a small market and the good ones go VERY quickly.

There are also a number of rental agents.

If you want to find houses for rent that are not aimed at ripping you off,you will need to look on VN websites, which means you need a local to translate. Sites such as this.., are found by typing "Nhà Cho thuê Dalat"

Thanks for your reply. Mike

Thanks for the link. Nice looking homes. I see the size of the house but don't see anything resembling a price in VN dong.

Some have prices....Giá: Thỏa thuận, means the price is negotiable.

This is a market that is a little different than many you will encounter in VN. But I can assure you there are oodles of very nice rentals. I would caution against what others have recommended here and stay away from agents. It is best to have someone you can just roam around DL with and look and ask. I have found that homes are much nicer here and cost less. There are some so called expat developments here that have been in a state of perpetual construction and you will be living in a fairly expensive cracker box in a construction zone. I would avoid such a place at all costs. As for most you see listed with an agent they are merely homes that an agent has seen for rent and added it to their listings without any knowledge of the owner.
I would point out that you should look at any longer term rental with a jaundice eye as many homes are not rentable as they have pledged their house book to the bank for collateral on a loan. Legally they must get the banks permission to rent the property. None do. But the loan they have with the bank says they can boot anyone out on a moment notice. And there are many more pit falls. Always best, and legally the law to have the lease notarized by a notary (lawyer here in VN). Again, most landlords do not want to have this done because it implies they must pay taxes.
Depends on what price range you are looking for and how long you want to stay. In my experience the hardest thing to do in DL is to find a home that is the size you want. They usually are huge villas, or far to small. But you can get a beautiful villa here for around $500.
Happy hunting. Not sure if I can be of assistance but if you PM me I will do my best. And I am not an agent and have no connection to real estate in VN at all (other than renting myself)

And I might add that I have seen very very nice homes here NOT go QUICKLY. I have seen wonderful villas set on the rental market here for 6 months or more. I know of some at this moment that have been for rent for over a year and a half. So you are in the drivers seat if you want to be. But these landlords can be greedy fools as well. The most  frustrating encounters I have ever had I must say. Everyone of them seem to want to fly under the radar for one reason or the other.

Batdongsan isn't not an agent, it's a website. It's quite easy, you ask the person who answers the phone if they are an agent or the owner.

I was not suggesting anyone was an agent or was an agent. Hope you did not get confused. I
was only addressing agents in a general sense, not any specific agent, company or web site. As you might have noticed i made no reference to any web site. Perhaps you are speaking to someone else post. After all you did not direct your post at anyone in particular.

I was actually replying to your post, as it said "others" seeing as only two of us replied, that would put my post about a website in your reference to others.

I think perhaps you missed some of the post. There are indeed more than just you and I. But it is all good. But the answer to your concern is that I was not addressing anything toward you, other in a general sense as it pertains to so call agents. All I meant by that is these agents are not real estate agents as we know in many Western countries. Indeed, most have no listing contract with the owners. Hope this clarifies.

I certainly understand the mechanics of real estate agents here,as I actually work in with about 5 of them trying to find property for expats.

But I was not really speaking to you and your knowledge of anything, merely to everyone. Sorry that offended you. Hope you can get past it as that is not the subject of the post from the OP. If you still feel so bad send me a PM, but please try to stay on the subject matter.

Hi everyone,

Please lets put this misunderstanding aside and lets try to help the OP. :)

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Wow, someone really has a lack of English skills, have another drink.

No misunderstanding Priscilla, when "you" is directed at the preceding post it's pretty easy to figure things out, anyway, enough time spent with this troll.


Some things never change... "the pot calling the kettle black" when all the person was trying to do was help others understand the rental market in Da Lat and then attacking Priscilla because she called him on it. My favorite part was the slam about lack of English skills that was made in a post with at least two typos.

Vagabondone was trying to clarify things with helpful information, mentioned no one by name (three of us had responded, not two), and it was taken as a personal attack. Look up "sociopath".

V was spot-on about never-ending construction at one of the "premier" ex-pat rental locations; I see and hear the many trucks go past my window halfway down the cul de sac EVERY day. V was also correct, in my experience, about how most rental agents are only looking for a quick buck, caring little about the renter and his/her needs. There are also expats who facilitate that greed and take part in predatory actions against both expats and locals. One I know who does NOT fit that description is someone I recommend highly.

If you want a nice place at a reasonable rate, have a Vietnamese friend help with the communication DIRECTLY with the owner--being sure to ask the right questions about the red book, etc.


Again wrong information by the forum judge, it's not the red book, red book is for ownership of a property. Talk about something you actually about know next time.

Is there any possibility to access the closed fb group?
I want to live in Dalat too.
But the prop agents that I approach is not so good (cant say they are a scam, but definitely a bad table to play the dice)

Thank you for the helpful tips! Thank you John for defending Vaga for he had shared very helpful tips.
My husband and I have been here in Dalat for 3 months and understand the difficulties of renting a house. Not only do we have to deal with the limited market here but when we do find a house that we like, then we run into problems with the owner not wanting to notarize the contract or applying a Tam Tru (temp residency) for us.

colinoscapee :

Again wrong information by the forum judge, it's not the red book, red book is for ownership of a property. Talk about something you actually about know next time.

Another serving of snark from the peanut gallery...

I ask to see the redbook so that I can be sure that I am dealing with the owner of the property and not a scammer.

Mr. Sunshine probably thought I was trying to refer to the papers that are necessary to be able to rent a foreigners which, of course, you want to make sure they have. I have no idea what they are called, but I'm sure someone does. If you rent a place that doesn't have permission to rent to foreigners, I'm told you take a chance on getting expelled from the country.

Hi...a lot of silly bickering  on this site for sure...egos!

Please help, I am about to arrive in Dalat in a few days and will be looking for a 1 bed apartment for long term rental. Please, could someone advise me what is a good area to look in....possibly with a few Westerners living in the region? I am an older single lady who will be teaching in Dalat. Looking around 4 mil dong / month.

All assistance appreciated!

Newly arrived retired Canadian, now looking for a furnished apartment or smaller house to rent, 6 - 12 month and within 15-20 minute walking radius of main market and Xuan Huong Lake.

Anything has interest. Budget directly related to accommodation offered.. ***

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Hi Vikingjeger,

I am an older lady English Teacher also looking for accommodation. Would you be interested in sharing a 3 bedroom Villa not far from the center of Dalat?

I have not seen the villa yet....and it may be taken. They are asking 10 mil dong/month excluding elec/water.

Yes I would as I believe the rental market may be a little limited here in Da Lat.  I  would be interested in viewing this place, together with your self, so all questions could be sorted out, same  time period.

My email: ***
Phone: ***


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Just my 2 cents, but my wife tells me that in VN, most renters are foreigners and thus, it seems logical that the rental market would be limited.  I do not know anybody in our family or extended family that rents because they all live in the homes of their ancestors with no mortgage or their parents built them a home, right next door, I  am so jealous!!!!!!

We are moving from Hoi An to Da Lat in early August.
Looking for an apartment or house for 3 months - willing to pay up to 12M Dong/Month.
Does anyone on the forum have any info on where we might look please?


Loftii :

We are moving from Hoi An to Da Lat in early August.
Looking for an apartment or house for 3 months - willing to pay up to 12M Dong/Month.
Does anyone on the forum have any info on where we might look please?


Get a local to help you with this … da-lat-ldd

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