Accommodation in Da Lat

I will be in Da Lat, Vietnam on the 21st May 2017, and will be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment to rent, in that city. I am looking for somewhere QUIET please. Where would I start looking please?

We do not have much in the way of Apartments here in Dalat. But houses  much cheaper here than elsewhere in Vietnam. I would suggest
you not go near Anada Community. It sounds nice at first but no one has every been happy there and left once they realized the true story. I know a lady the had a furnished full service place, very nice. But you don't say what your budget is. If you want to PM me I will try and help if I can.

You should also specify duration. 1 month? 1 year?

Thanks Gobot. Will be staying for 6 months or more...if I like Da Lat. Could you perhaps suggest areas I should look at.....I am an older woman on my own from South Africa. Will be teaching ESL.

Hi budget, it would seem it too perhaps around $300 /  month on long term rental...6 to 12 months. Unfortunately pay here in Dalat is very low. Thanks for any help.

There are places available for US$300 or less, though since you emphasized "QUIET", it's going to be more difficult. I suggest riding around and checking out neighborhoods at different times of the day and night. Somewhere quiet in the daytime might have karaoke or a neighbor who's proud of his sound system blasting through the night. Barking dogs are always going to be an issue; roosters a little less so. The place I used to live was quiet when I moved in, though by the time I moved out there were two new hostels, three new perpetually-barking dogs, and a cafe with music on weekends. My point is that quiet now is no guarantee of quiet next month.

Hi John-D.......thanks a ton for your advice. I have lived in Hanoi...and know a lot about the constant change around your living area...if it is not new construction, it is new neighbour with loud habits or dogs!

I've had two full days of jetlag...and will try asking around today. I see my school is located in Bui Thi Xuan Str, Ward 8, Dalat. Anyone who know someone, who knows someone, who might know of an apartment to rent......yell in this direction, please!

I am a retired person, looking for a fully furnished apartment, condo or small house in a quiet location (no dogs barking or karaoke fanatics nearby please) near the center of Da Lat for long-term rent starting around 15th of July or August first 2018. Flat rate, European like interior and location nearby a GYM would be an advantage...

You can PM me if you wish to.

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