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Hi everyone

I am an experienced entrepreneur that has spent my first 18 months in Rotterdam finding my feet and landing my family. Using my experience from launching and running Learn to Lead for 10 years in South Africa, I have just recently launched my own business, BizHero.

I "grow" 15-16 year old entrepreneurs by equipping them with practical skills like money management and marketing. I offer 2 hour motivational workshops, teen business coaching, 6 hour pilot sessions 8-40 participants and a full 40 hour program from A to Z. Training is offered in English only.

BizHero uses a world-renowned simulation training game that has been successfully used to train up 3000 teenagers globally since it was developed back in 2007. This engaging and exciting experiential methodology smuggles in the learning.

Teenagers arrive feeling shy and leave feeling confident and capable to go to launch. My strap lin line says it all: BizHero - start small. Walk Tall. I am proud to have landed my first clients last month - Rotterdam International School (RISS) and The International School of the Hague (ISH).

If you know of any Principals/Directors (Head of School) or parents who believe in educating their teenagers to become more confident at solo-ing or starting their own enterprise, whether for social or business ends, please do link up with me on finross2020[at] or Fiona Ronquest-Ross on LinkedIn.

BizHero offers affordable rates and a special deal for first-time clients.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

For better results it's best to register your business at the business directory as it is not allowed to advertise on the public forum.
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Wish you good luck with your business and thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you - I didnt know!

You're welcome, no worries  :)

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