Filipino Community in Netherlands

Hi!  ;)  I'm flying out to Netherlands (Holland) this coming weekend and stay there for 3 months. This will be my first visit and would be nice to meet some of my Filipino kababayan. Anyone knows a community there that holds events and gatherings like every week or every month? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!  :D

Hi Ms. Robins,

Welcome on board to this site and welcome to the Netherlands.
In which area or city you are going to stay?

Thanks Primadonna. :)
Will be staying in Holland.

I get that already but WHERE in the Netherlands?


too bad youre a bit on the far end from me. pero i do have another pinay friend that lives in haarlem, maybe you two might hit it off :D

That would be nice! Thanks.. :) Where you in Netherlands by the way?

i live in bergen op zoom, a small city very near the belgian border. medyo wala akong nakikilalang filipinos here cause usually they are found in bigger cities like amsterdam, rotterdam and the hague. so im sure you wont have trouble finding some in haarlem kasi malapit lapit sya sa amsterdam :D

hi met i'm filipino to i'm in Breda hope we meet each other!! ther lot of filipino in breda a comunity!!!

hi there , pinay here from breda , me and my husband are always welcoming nice filipina-dutch couples in our house :)

Hi everyone! Im Claire, a filipina. I will be arriving in The Netherlands this Saturday. Im looking for Marketing Partners for property investment in the Philippines. Anyone here might be interested. Pls send me private message.
For those not interested we can still hang out, would love to meet kababayans from this country who can share their experiences and can give us tips to help us move around. Thank you!

Hi. Any Filipinos here living in Limburg? Maastricht or Stein. I need help to set up accommodation (hope to find Filipino family to live with), thanks.

HI Samsam05,

Welcome on board.
You can take a peek at the housing section in the green banner above the page.
You can put an advert there too.

All the best and good luck with searching!

Hi there... is there some filipino living in Groningen ?
Thanks :)

Hi  i am also looking for a pinay or pinoy frend almost every week we travel in breda hope can meet some friends i am almost 9 moths here but still no friends. I am from uithoorn near to amsterdam. Today where going there in breda my.thanks hope can meet.thanks

Hi ate i hope we can meet in breda me i know how to contact u. Every week we always visit in breda with my husband.  Thanks today where going to breda hope nextime we can visit u thanks

hi,I'm  planning to go and work in netherlands got e possible employer ,want to ask how you come up with the documents needed in embassy for visa.want to have any tips to make it fast.
thanks,please help

Your employer has to organize all the needed documents for a work visa.

For more information check out the sticky topic " New to Holland" on the Dutch main forum.

Hello to all I'm a filipina from Davao. My husband is Dutch from Haarlem. Sana may  ma meet akong pinay pag balik ko doon that I can be friends.Mag te-take a ko ng exam sa February next year. And I'm a bit worried and scared na mag fail ako. Hope sana may mga pinay member dito na willing mag bigay ng tips at ideas sa exam. Nag babasa ako ng naar Nederland book at nakikinig sa cd's. Pero sana may mga willing na tumulong sa akin para ma pasa ang exam. Salamat po ng marami sa inyo..;)

@ Mijn jas ( :D )

Would you been so kind to post only in English on this Anglophone forum?
This way everyone can understand and follow the thread.

If you have questions, you can ask on the forum and hopefully some members can help you.

hi mijn jan , filipina here u can add me

Hi any filipino here near in amersfoot...

HI there, pinoy guy here . I am going to amsterdarm next month for a week tapos babalik ulit ako sa February and March for project meetings.  I would like to meet pinoy in Amsterdarm to make friends and perhaps kasama sa pamamasyal sa ibat parts na Europe.  Salamat. I hope to hear from you.

Hi everyone,

I am Kaye, filipino but currently in Singapore  for studies.

I am visiting netherlands for 3 months to visit my dutch boyfriends. But also planning to stay there for good, if ill be lucky to have a permanent resident :(

I would love to meet Filipino when i get there:) I do not have a phone number yet ut will post it once I have.

I will arrive in the netherlands on 1st september 2015, and will be staying in weesp which i guess not too far from your place.

We can meet up once I am there:)

Hi Kaye Ignacio,

This thread is a bit outdated " 2014 ", you may have no response :( It's better to participate in the recent one on Netherlands Forum.

Thank you


Where are the Filipino's staying in Netherlands?

Hi kaye,. I will be moving soon to Netherlands. I cannot see any Filipinos in our area. Maybe will catch up soon. : :)

Hello, When are u coming to the Netherlands? and yes lets meet up.:)

Hello are there any filipinos in Enschede? :)

Hello everyone,  recently relocated here to be with my bf. I am interested to make new  friends or meet Filipina in Friesland. I live few minutes away from Leeuwarden.

hi im nove... in voorvurg,,,.hope to meet you too

I would love to go to Netherlands. Hope I can meet fellow Filipinos when I get there.

hello.. any one near ter heijde or monster? ::))

Hello Kabayan.

I'm currently in Singapore and moving to Hilversum Netherlands by end of October.

Are there any pinoy communities in Hilversum area? =)


Hi everyone,

Filipina here, would be nice to meet fellow filipinas.



Are you still in the netherlands? Which part of the city?

I'm her at ijsseltine

Half filipino nearby amsterdam.. working in haarlem.. would like to meet fellow filipinos

Saan ka sa Amersfoort ?taga zeewolde ako

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