Breakfast Place In Varna

Anyone know of a good breakfast place in Varna? I find most places open for breakfast only serve sweets/pastries/banitsa/sandwiches. I am looking for eggs/hashbrowns/more solid breakfast. I know that happys offers an English breakfast, but was wondering if there were other options that people recommend.

Hey maybe there's a niche for you to open your own breakfast cafe, or kiosk, barista coffee, earl grey tea, fresh juices, you can do "eggs over easy?" or "hash browns" full English/Irish fry up including fried bread, black pudding, mushrooms, beans etc..French styled omelette, hey they make cheese on toast with a slice of ham sound fancy, Spanish style "patas bravos" with chorizo and beans, poached eggs etc.... the more I type this the hungrier I'm getting ha-ha! Great food starts with the quality of your ingredients simply cooked without too much fuss or prep, is always is a winner. I hope you find somewhere that covers for your catering needs.
Best wishes Steve.

:) Thanks Steve. A restaurant would be way too much work of a type I don't like (which is why I want to find one to eat at :)) IF I ever opened a restaurant it would be a southwestern (US-Mexican) restaurant... but yeah, too much cooking and food involved. Plus, I don't live in Varna- just visiting here.

But hopefully I do find a place this week.

You can get a full English breakfast at The Black Sheep pub.
200 m from McDonalds, opposite the small park.

Try La Veranda/Marche in the Sea Garden. They have special brunch menu and the prices are more than affordable for the quality you get.

Try Bistro Europe. In the summer they had a big breakfast menu from 9 to 12 now they open at 10:30.
They do Brunch with child animator and have a kiddy corner.
It's very cozy inside :)

Oh- that sounds awesome. I will check it out the next time I go.

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