What to do in Tokyo when it rains?

I am coming to Tokyo this coming week and it appears that unfortunately the weather will not be good with rain and thunderstorms forecast......😥

Please advise me ASAP please if you have any good ideas of 'where to go' in Tokyo when the weather is bad.

Traditional or unusual ideas/places are fine. I dont want the bad weather to spoil my 'once in a lifetime trip'

Any suggestion(s) would be great and very much appreciated.
Thank you

Some temples/shrines and gardens will be really beautiful during rainy season than other times.
Hot springs in the rain feels good too.

It's a good time to go for Hydrangea viewing during the rainy season as well.
Hakone isn't so far away from Tokyo, that should be a nice place to visit.
However, there are also a lot of nice gardens and parks in Tokyo.
Enjoy your trip!

Hi Joseph....thany you very much for your is greatly appreciated and helpful
Have a good weekend

Hi Jimmy,

If it is raining (hopefully it won't be), then you could consider visiting Tokyo Tower. The tower has some great views over Tokyo and there are restaurants and lots of souvenir shops. It's actually a place that you shouldn't miss no matter what the weather due to it being an iconic landmark of Tokyo.

I think I mentioned Asakusa in another thread of yours. Asakusa has a large covered arcade with local foods, goods and souvenirs and the train station exits into the arcade so you won't get wet. The good thing about Asakusa is that if the weather changes for the better, you are beside Senso-ji Temple which is one of the best Temples to visit in Tokyo as that whole area has lots of traditional shops, restaurants and interesting things to see.

Again, much like back home, when it rains it is good time to shop. Tokyo Main Station has a huge shopping area both at ground level but mostly underground with it's famous Character Street as well as every other type of shop and restaurant.

If you don't mind wandering around in the rain with an umbrella, then consider visiting Odaiba. It can be reached by train and then you switch over to a monorail to get there. Odaiba has Tokyo's Statue of Liberty, great views of Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge, The famous Gundam statue (a sort of transformer robot) and lots of great shopping malls.

Another place is Shibuya Station where the famous loyal dog Hachiko lived and which is a symbol of Shibuya. Aside from Hachiko (there are movies about this dog), Shibuya is a great place to shop and eat. It also has the famous Shibuya Intersection just outside the station and the biggest Tower Records store in Japan.

And if you want to do some shopping for electronics then consider Yodobashi Electronics Store in Akihabara, which is a truly huge store selling everything electronic as well as cameras and toys.

Anyway, hope the outlook for bad weather changes, and wishing you a great trip in Japan.


Hi Hansson
I really appreciate all your helpful information, it is invaluable.....thanks a million!

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