'Welcome to Hell' warn police

'Welcome to Hell' warn police
There was a nasty surprise awaiting passengers in the arrivals hall at Rio De Janeiro's Galeao International Airport on Monday.

Along with the relatives carrying flowers and taxi drivers waiting with name boards there were lines of off-duty police with banners that had a far more ominous message: "Welcome to Hell"
from the BBC


That's a great advert for a country.

its a shameful thing for a country not to pay its people,

Throw Water on it, it failed to extinguish the flame, jus sayn!
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I had to lighten this up. Couldn't decide if it should go other news of the Games or here, for it is here. Enjoy if one has time.
I had read this article earlier and I now expect the Airlines and Hotel workers to protest this should make all comfortable coming to the Olympics.
The person was arrested and posted bail, now that is adequate Policing. It's going to be a me$$.

Yesterday I thought it was a Protest and today it's a Strike, I wish someone would get it right is it a Strike or Protest. The Olympics can't catch a Break.
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Enjoy if one has time.

I think its both now,,,
Two for the price of one, how good is thing

If this makes you feel safe!
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It makes one wonder if there is a Problem. I understand Safety yet everywhere you look there will be a armed Soldier, just crazy.
So what Happens to Security after the Olympics?. There needs to be a Permanent Solution to the Problems for it will only Revert to where it was.

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