Contract Stipend/Allowances

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I have been combing through the threads and could not find info on this, so apologies in advance if this topic has been covered elsewhere!

I'm wondering if stipends are common or uncommon in Bahrain work contracts (if so, are some more common than others?) For example, when I lived in Asia I always received some kind of housing stipend each month that covered at least 50-75% of my rent or the company would just provide housing, which was very common in my experience. A friend of mine lives in the KSA and gets stipends for practically everything (housing, travel, contract completion, living, airline tickets per year). So I'm looking over a contract right now with monthly pay that would be wonderful. . .if some housing and daily travel allowances were included. But I don't know if these are normal in Bahrain. =S   

Also, is it a social fax paus to negotiate for a higher salary while discussing the contract if I am unable to have some expenses included?

If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it!


We dont use the term Stipend much here (infact never heard about it). We have a contract signed between the employer and the employee and the terms laid down in the contract will specify a) the term of the contract b) what is the probation period c) allowance covered d) bonus (if any) e) family status f) indemnity clause e) termination clause. These are the common ones you will find depending on the nature of the job.

Yes you can definitely negotiate the salary with your employer if allowances are not covered such a Medical, travel & family status / schooling (if with family). Full coverage of housing allowance is rare case in Bahrain.


Thank you for the reply, logicalindian! Are any allowances common then? I really thought they would be and was just a bit surprised that nothing seems covered. . . is that normal, then?

Yes depends upon the company, the nature of the job and many other things, some give you all the allowances plus salary, some give you partial allowance and some dont. You need to negotiate with your employer regarding the same and It is always better you get things sorted out and in writing on the contract regarding allowances before you sign it.

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