Tourist visa extensions

Hi I want to clarify this if possible ok , if you have been in the Philippines for more than one year on a Tourist visa can you still get a 6 month extension I know you can stay in the Philippines for up to 3 years on a tourist visa, My American Neighbour insists he gets a 6 month extension all the time and he has been here over 2 years , I live in Davao so can anyone advise on this , Thank you

Hi Deca, I think if you are here on a tourist visa for 36 months, you may extend but you have to go out of the country first so that you can stay for another 36 months. What is your nationality?

Hi I am British I have been here for 13 months so have still plenty of time , One thing I have found out is if you want extend your visa for another 6 months if for example your current extension runs out say this coming Friday and you go to immigration only to find it is closed when you go on the following Monday not only will immigration fine you but will only give you a 2 month extension for overstaying

Here is an update from today. This morning I attended a meeting with ex pats and 2 Immigration officers who came as guest speakers an announced that ex pats on Tourist visa's under 70 years old can now only get 2 monthly extensions this is for ex pats living in Davao and under 70 years old if your 70 and over and living outside Davao ,The reason they gave is this, apparently They are not getting enough revenue to pay their staff ????? by issuing 6 monthly visa extensions they said we can of course go to Manila and maybe CEBU I am not sure about Cebu I will check that out but yes so you guys who live in Davao still on Tourist visa you can no longer get 6 month visa extension from Davao immigration unless your 70 or living outside Davao city environs

yes I know that already the question was can you still get a 6 month extension on your tourist visa if you have been in the Philippines for just a year

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