living in phillipines for good

:) hi,I'm Sahabudden ahmed from dhaka bangladesh,I really want to know if how to live in phillipines for good anyone got an idea on this,what are those possible requirements or ducuments do i need to prepare incase thank you,regards☺

The Philippine embassy website is a great resource.  That has all the info you will need.

If you get married to a Filipina then its very simple to get a permanent residence card.

But..... You need to have answer's to a few other questions before you decide to move here. Do you have retirement income or are you going to have to work once you get here.  Do you have the funds to move and to get on your feet. When I first moved here I spend about 10k USD moving here, renting house and furnishing it and getting settled in.

I saved my money for a couple years before I moved over and I have a good work at home job. Even with all the planning that I did i still made a lot of mistakes.

My advice to you is read a lot of the posts and make up your own mind what is best for you

Best of Luck to you!!!

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