NPRA Amends Regulations of Issuing Visas for GCC Residents

Director of Exits at the Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs (NPRA) announced on Saturday that in accordance to the order of His Excellency Interior Minister to facilitate the entry and transit procedures of travelers, the regulations and conditions of issuing visas for the GCC residents have been amended.
According to the new amendment the validity of the passport should only be three months with a condition of an actual residency of the same period, while the period was six months before.
He said that this amendment is considered as a new facility Bahrain provides to visitors during their entry or transit as part of plan to attract tourists and businessmen. The amendment promotes air traffic, while considering security regulations.

They can do something better like reducing the visa fees .  :sleep

doubt that would happen gunner, the cost would just keep increasing unfortunately  :( thats' the trend.

Yeah ... one reason they made this change is to (try to) increase tourist traffic into Bahrain, because Bahrain needs all the cash it can get. Unlikely they will reduce any fees, Gunner :P

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