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hello friends currently i m working in kuwait and i have a job offer in bharain and i wanted to join the job as soon as possible. but the thing is my employer is releasing because i have not yet completed my contract period. my question is without cancelling the visa from kuwait i can travel to bharain and i can work der in bharain

please help me out from this confussion

Irfan ali baig g


If your able to exit Kuwait without issues and your potential employer here in Bahrain is able to get you a visa you could join having said that there were rumors that a BLACKLIST would be shared between GCC countries for various rules violators, if this happens and your employer in kuwait has blacklisted you then you could be in trouble. So i would recommend that you go the legal way of putting your papers down.

Write a new post on our Kuwait forum and ask them what is the legal way of putting down papers.

Good luck.

my employer is allowing me to leave the company so please suggest me from this issues

any how i am telling tht i m going for vacation after going india i will mail them that i wil be not available to u please consider this as my resignation.

Please read my reply again. I asked you to create a new post on the Kuwait forum the link is mentioned above.

thanks brother

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