Looking for paid assistance in Varna for car shopping

Hi all,

Just moved to Varna and am looking to buy a used car. I've read around a lot and have got the basic gist of the process:

- Get the car checked over by a mechanic
- Make sure there are no arrears on various taxes etc
- Register it in my name

Rather than stumble through the process myself I'd prefer to pay someone with more local understanding to help me out. If anyone can recommend someone reliable it would be much appreciated! Of course, I'm willing to pay for their time :)

Thanks in advance!

That's an excellent request. I could use some help too.

Yes. I'm interested.

I have a friend who does exactly this.  He is Bulgarian.  He has contacts at the second hand car dealers.  Speaks basic English.  Has good mechanics and will complete the whole process.  Let me know if you want his contact details.  Based in Varna.

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