Getting car insurance when not a resident.

Hi there new to this forum,been staying in Varna with my fiancee maybe 5 to 6 months at a time for past 3 years and trying to get information on buying a campervan and insuring it as non resident,my fiancee has full time work and is a resident there,my plan is to buy a good camper and tour Bulgaria and then across Europe to france and take camper back to Ireland to sell on as camper vans are really expensive there...I know I will need the Green card to travel in Europe but was wondering can I get insurance in Bulgaria??

Hi htere,

Actually you will pay for the insurance of the vehicle not for yourself, so there should be absolutely no problem. Any insurance company will do. However stick to the bigger ones.

This can also be done online. All you need is to send a picture of the docuts of the car apay the amount, then you will receive the insurance by post.

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