Guide for Compound selection in Jeddah

Hi All

Looking for some guidance on selecting a compound to live on in Jeddah.  Im looking for information on Mura Bustan.  Im getting a conflicting picture of the compound but see that a lot of the comments are old.

Could any one give a quick update on the accommodation. Im a single bloke so will not be needing a large house ect.  I appreciate that Sierra seems to be the compound to be on, with the waiting list is it possible ? 

Are there any other compounds that you would recommend in front of Mura Bustan.

Thanks for any advice/opinions given


my friend live in a compound ,
If you are still looking for housing. I'll ask here.

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Hi Zourg

I am now settled in accommodation thanks


Hi everyone,

@ Frank, it's really good news you have already found accommodation  :top:

Do not hesitate to share your experience on your search for accommodation, if it was hard or if you found easily ? Whether you are satisfied with the could benefit other members.

All the very best,

Hi Frank,
that's good news .
wish you all luck  :top:

Hi Guys

How do you enroll for the british consulate so you know when there social events/parties are on.

Thanks all



Hi Friends
Please someone can help me to find room with two BR, near azzam compound with 1200 or 1500/month.
Thank you

Looking for room 1200..1500 near azzam compound with 2 BR

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