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Hi Everyone !!

I recently moved to Jeddah with my wife and two year old son. Someone suggested me to try to find accomodation in Saudi City Compound. Can anyone please provide me the following information about Saudi City Compound...

1. How much is the rent for 2 to 3 bedroom apartment / villa. I was told that they have villas and apartments of various sizes and different rents.

2. Does the compound provide white goods (refrigerator, washing machine & dryer, dish washer)

3. Generally how long is the waiting list.

4. Please share your experience of the compound and if there is any advise that you would to give.


Saeed Anwar

SV city is one of the oldest compounds in Jeddah, more like 35+years old, so you can imagine the condition of some of the villas and apartments there. Some are being renovated and I see empty ones from time to time.

2-3 bedroom villa will run approx. 65-85k/year

Yes it includes all mentioned appliances

If you know someone living there chances are you're bumped up and sometimes no waitlist required.

Personally i'm not a big fan of the compound as new ones have surfaced over the decade and have much better facilities. You can try Arabian homes, Lotus, Sierra, and a few others if you search but the prices will be higher than compared to SV city.

Good luck.

Saudi City is slowly removing non Saudia employee residents via not letting them renew their contracts.

In other words if you do not work for Saudia Airlines I wouldn't even bother trying to get on the waiting list. 

Try the list Hamudi gave and maybe Sharbatly.

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