Expand your social circle in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

Moving to Saudi Arabia means leaving one's family and friends behind. Creating a circle of friends or joining an existing one should therefore be paramount in order to fight loneliness in your host country.

But how can one develop a social network in Saudi Arabia? Where and how to meet people there?

How easy is it to meet locals? What about cultural specificities?

Share your advice and experience!

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Hi Priscilla life in Saudi is safe secure as long as you have good job. Being social is bit difficult. This is the platform to get friendly. Stay in touch we can make it possible happening.  God bless


hmmm its hard to find friend in

socializing is almost nil in Saudi Arabia, I think it is the lack of communication in expats which is a major hindrance.
Hope to have many friends here,

i didn't find having friends in saudi arabia difficult, but socializing and meeting them in person is really one hell of a hard time, specifically with ladies, same gender have no problems, however, in my own opinion, making friends and socializing are two different domains. as for positive thoughts, making friends is just as easy as accepting them in your life, regardless of whatever culture they have or they are having, faith,  religions, and statuses in life. 

socializing, in my opinion has always a way, although. having their appearance is  a bit difficult, but doing it online is easy. there are lots of groups now in Facebook where expats meet, talk, type, and share jokes, ideas, emotions, so i guess, start searching for them now, join them and have a lot of friends. Else, build your own social networking site page on FB and add as many friends and members you want. be the creator of your own happiness. by the way, meeting them in person has always the right place and the right time. but not here, not now :-)

i really do understand that all of the above ideas, will or will not meet the answer you want, because i do believe that "there is no greater happiness than having your family, loved ones, and friends surrounds you in our home country" but still it is a good way to forget how hard it is to be and feel alone, and at least, it is much better way to stands as a remedy for your loneliness.

though there are times we felt lonely, as for me, i choose to be happy, because, i won't let myself drowned by loneliness without a fight, we don't need loneliness here, what we need is inspiration, reasons to be strong, will to fight against boredom and loneliness, and aches, My inspiration is my family, my reason is them, my fight is for them, let me know yours?  :-)

if you feel alone, look outside your window, look at the sky, because somebody from up there is always watching over us.. :-)

Good luck and welcome to Saudi Arabia.
be happy.. ;-)

I don't know about females, but for males it's an open prison. I am just living here to pass my time and then go back and start my own work.

Me too 😖

You hit the nail on the open prison...worked in Riyadh for 18 months & Dhahran for 3 months 😂

I am here for the last 4 years, and so far no single friend with whom one can go to café eat and chat.
I am in Sakaka, Al Jouf.

Hi, Being a professional photographer I am constantly moving around with crowds and attending various functions. Hence I come across many people from various walk of life. But I do wish to have some good and interesting friends to hangout or have a get together and fun without me carrying my camera.


In Saudi Arabia it's so difficult to make relationship with females or boyfriend and so difficult to meet someone it's so strict. ..even no freedom as another country...

Dear Miss Priscilla..

Thank you for your ost...

Concerning how one can build a social network...
I believe that is not difficult but it requires some little bit thinking...about the answering following issues:

- what ages of people to build social network from..?
- What activities, hobbies and other purposes are to build the network about...?
- What are the available and restricted in the surrounding environment..?

Then, In order to build a social network, we must first choose an age range or expat status (Single or married or pen for both)for , then adopt a certain hobbies or activities to gather people around, like games playing, Billiard, tennis, etc. or other activities like social restaurant meetings....or other particularly interesting arts..

The social network should take into account the culture of the country or surrounding environment..

You are welcome..

Dr. Aly

Hello hru iam in dammam i mostly play cricket i will find good friends

still new in Al Khobar and haven't got a chance yet to go around and meet people.  i dont find it easy then...

This country is not for the people who look for social life, entertainment and meeting friends (boy/gal) easily alike in other countries. As mentioned by somebody, socializing is nil. Still long way to go to come normal life here. Especially for women, it's not advised to come here without family members. I am staying in Riyadh since 3 months and met few Indians. So just meeting only those regular and known friends. That's the life..


Yes as Mahantesh says the KSA is a country only to work & have no social life... may be the occasional walk in the shopping malls in Riyadh, Jeddah or Khobar 😂

Bezawit Tesfaye :

Me too 😖

are you related to Abel Tesfaye :)

I don't know about females, but for males it's an open prison. I am just living here to pass my time and then go back and start my own work.

Socializing in saudi arabia is not an easy thing.I have been here for the past 8 months and nobody to make as a friend exept my coworkers and students i teach.


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I am in Sakaka, I have met several new friends. It is easy. Just talk to people at work , your neighborhood and if Muslim the mosque.

J De Soto MD, PhD, FAIC

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