Expand your social circle in Guatemala

Hello everyone,

Moving to Guatemala means leaving one's family and friends behind. Creating a circle of friends or joining an existing one should therefore be paramount in order to fight loneliness in your host country.

But how can one develop a social network in Guatemala? Where and how to meet people there?

How easy is it to meet locals? What about cultural specificities?

Share your advice and experience!

Many thanks in advance,


For me it was not all that difficult, because I speak Spanish and because some of the circles I move in speak fluent English, either because they are expats or because they are Guatemalans educated in private schools with good enough English taught.  One thing that helped me create a circle of friends locally was to get enrolled in art classes in downtown Guatemala city.  A beautiful school sponsored by the government, with very good teachers, and students of all ages and walks of life.  I also got enrolled in a private printmaking course.  At both these places I met lots of other students.  So that was the start.  I started going to events, too. Most of them downtown.  Met lots of artists, writers and journalists, many of whom are good friends to this day.  I met more people at work.  I teach in two master programs at private universities.  So, other professors and instructors, some older students; they all become friendly acquaintances in time. I do not know if any of this is helpful, though.  It really depends on the personality of people, some may not be as outgoing, for instance, or have the time to get involved in a lot of stuff, or have sufficient Spanish skills.  But it's possible to make friends with some time and effort.

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