Assistance needed in Nuevo Santa Rosa

Hi Everyone! thanks for welcoming me. In 1999, my husband and I adopted our son from Guatemala. Last week, after doing a 2-3 year search we found his Birth Family. They live in very sparse living conditions (dirt floor, tin roof, lack of food and clean water). We are hoping to find someone who lives in or near Nuevo Santa Rosa that can help us with a few things in order to help them a bit. Gerry in Oregon USA

We are in Guatemala now visiting our birth family!! We were to stay in their town one week but a wall disintegrated in their casa so we are staying here and helping build a new wall. We won’t spend a week in Panajachel as planned. This wall is more impulsive. I wish I knew how to attach pictures because this is awesomely wonderful and my Spanish has taken a spike!!

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