Trip to Myanmar on October

I chose Myanmar for my first travelling abroad with many reasons. I searched many things about Myanmar but somehow I also want to get any ideas about cheap hotels and food from you. Really appreciate if you can give me some. I am really fond of street foods.:)
I planned to visit here 4 days in the end of October. But as I prefer charity works and volunteer, so I may spend more time here discovering the culture and local life. Hopefully I can get some recommendations.

Thank you for any feedback. Cheers. Hien

Hi Hien, share me your date of arrival then we can figure out together. Inbox me if need.


Nice to know you.

I will be flying from HCM to Yangon on 27 and return on October 31. You are working there so you know many ideal places to visit, I believe. Hope to get your ideas.

Bonjour Hien
Je serai en Birmanie fin octobre et à HCM début novembre, pouvez-vous m'indiquer quelques endroit sympathique à visiter près de HCM sans trop de touristes et un budget raisonnable.

Hi Patrick,

It is nice to know you will be in Myanmar in late October like me. Hope to see you around.
Well, I dont live in HCM to know places without many tourists but I have some friends here, I will get the advices from them and give to you.
Let's keep in touch.

Merci c'est très gentil, à très bientôt.


ENGLISH please as this is an Anglophone forum... :top:

Yes of course   :top:

Hi Thanh,
If you are coming to Yangon. There are a lot of hotel in Yangon now, a lot of them are new and not so expensive. Google-ing "cheap hotels in yangon" might be helpful, and depends on what is your purpose of coming, location of hotel might be crucial, since traffic jam is pretty bad here.

It will be good if you bring some medicine for digestion if it is your first time here.
For food you can visit this website: a lot of review for Yangon restaurants.

One important thing: you have to bargain with the taxi driver in Yangon!

Hi Cubbera,

Thank you for your information. It is quite good.

Hi Hien

Can I join your trip, I'm living in Hanoi. I have plan going to Yangon and Madalay on October.


That would be good if having more people to join.
Now my plan will be taking bus from Yangon to Bagan, staying there 2 nites and back by bus again.
Still have time to see around Yangon.

Ps: in case you are still interested in, I'd like to see sunrise in Bagan ( a must in my list) :).

Cheers, Hien

Guys ... :)
Im planning my trip there in 2 weeks time..
If you guys got any good advise pls pm me also..  thanks in advance .. :)

Most likely ill travel on the 14th and leave on the 18th of sept...
Need good advise on hotel, nice food, good massage and chill out place. Hopefully just within walking distance from the hotel.....       can meetup with you guys too,,, :)

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