Moving Family to Gib

Hi We are thinking about moving to Gib with a job opportunity however we have 2 children ages 4 and 9
The plan was to live in spain close to the border and walk into Gib however I have heard that we would have to pay for schools.
2 questions
1) what state schools would you recommend in Gib
2) does anyone know what kind of costs we should be expecting?
Thank you so much in advance


If you live in Spain you will not get free schooling in Gib for your children. When I looked at the costs last year I seem to recall that it was £3000 per term per child. The cost of International schools is even higher. Spanish state schooling would be free.

Not sure which schools are the best but if you did decide to commute into Gib you probably want one closer to the border. However, there are border queues from time to time so you would need to give yourself plenty of time.

I would recommend you live in Gib at least for the first 6 months until you become familiar with the area.
This although more expensive for housing will save time and money associated with travel and will also give you free schooling.

It would be prudent to wait and see what the result of the UK EU referendum brings.

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