Yoga Studio For Rent/Sale

from where i can find an Yoga Studio for rent/sale  in jeddah for my sister, i mean i don't know where or who i should ask.
are there any offices for this kind of stuff?
or maybe unfinished places so i buy it or rent it and finish the place like i want it.
any information it's gonna be helpful.

thank you.

Please post an ad in the CLASSIFIEDS --> Business section of the site  :top:

Romaniac Experts Team

Hello IBshann :cheers:

To increase your chances to find a commercial space for rent or on sale, I invite you to drop an advert in the following section :

> Professional spaces in Jeddah


Must be easy enough. If I were you, I'd:

- Spot a location where the chances of success were high. Study carefully.
- Talk to the real estate agent who would let me rent this place (mezzanine floor I suggest).
- Furnish it per my accord.
- Market it.

thank you so much guys.

it depends on where you want the place to be. Jeddah is huge!!!! Having said that, it will also depend on where you sister lives and how good is her yoga background/education . If well qualified, suggest to her, north Jeddah.


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