Crossing border with Lots of stuff

My wife and I will be moving to Mexico later this summer and will be bringing a lot of recreational stuff in back and on top of my Tacoma. 3 or four surfboards a couple of kayaks bikes and paddles rods and was just wondering and I going to get hit with a big tax for this. We always cross at Acuna and seems to be ok but never with this big load of stuff. Some Mexican girls here in Texas told my wife it might be easier for us to cross in Laredo instead. Anybody got any ideas from past experiences. Thanks

If you are getting a residency status like FM3 you have a time ability to bring everything you want.  In order to do that there is some paperwork and expense but it necessary if you plan to live in Mexico for more than 3 months at a time.  Contact the Mexican embassy nearest you or go online and look for FM3 requirements and you can get the paperwork to start filling out.  Give yourself several weeks to complete the process.

I meant to say one time ability to bring your belongings without being taxed.

There is such a thing as a "menaje de casa" which declares what you are bringing in but for sports equipment I doubt it is necessary.  The border does not know if you are on vacation or moving.

An FM3 has not existed for years ..... and the 3 month reference should be six months for a Tourist permit.

I assume you have visited a Mexican Consulate to apply for a resident Visa

I entered Mx 2010 at ElPaso with a motorized home - mobile with extra shelves full of household, intending to live in Guerrero.
Had no problems, no search, no duty. All articles used.
Only the vehicle must be exported within 2 years - else trouble.

Of course you must get the import permit for your detailed listed stuff from the Mx Embassy and have the permit to stay in Mx longer than the tourist period. The embassy will tell you.

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