Any teacher teaching in ADVETI

My name is Mohsine. i am Moroccan, and i have Masters from the the UK.i was given an offer to work as an English teacher in ADVETI.  i will join in August 2016.  i will be based in secondary technical school, Delma Island.   IS there any one who can tell me about the working conditions in  ADVETI? Is there any one teaching in secondary technical schools? and what about Delma Island? do you have any idea about it?
Thank you very much for sharing and caring

Delma island is obviously an island, with no bridge to mainland. You can get to Abu Dhabi via a ferry and 90 minutes drive or via air (it has a small airport).

The island is nice and the people are kind and friendly. However for an expat I am not sure if there is an expat community.

I hope this helps.

Hi Moshine

I'm supposed to begin ADVETI in August of 2016 as well! Maybe I'll see you at orientation!

Hi I was offered a contract in May and heard nothing is anyone else in this situation?

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