Visa, general accommodations and way of life in Poland.

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My name is Sarah and I am considering accepting a teaching job in Poland. The move from America to Poland is quite a big deal for me but I am more than ready for new adventures and experiences. That's what life is all about right? I was wondering if anyone could give me some general advice. The main thing I am worried about is getting a visa, it seems quite difficult. And also just general accommodations and way of life in Poland. Any comment will help.
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Hey there- I recently accepted a teaching job in Poland, as well. Is yours at an international school? In my experience and to my understanding, the international school does most of the visa application process for you, and will notify you of specific things you need to do. Also, many international schools provide your accommodation! It's comfortable, but doesn't have all the "extras" of America, like a dishwasher, AC, etc.

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I really interst to move to poland if you can give me some advice

Think you sooo much for your healp

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