dental implants in Saigon?

Good morning folks! Does anybody know about a good dentist here in Saigon that does tooth implants? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The best dentist I have found in Saigon is Dr. Hung:

I had a root canal and crown done by Fleet Dental services in Hampshire UK which cost 1500 pounds and which fell out 2 days later when I arrived in Saigon.

i had it fixed at the FV Hospital at a cost of 500 USD and they tried to sell me implants at the same time. The crown fell out 18 months later.

I went to a dental clinic in D1 and they told me that I had to have  the root extracted and an implant fitted, which was going to take several weeks all told and would cost a couple thousand USD.

I felt that they were too pushy and said "no thanks" and on the way home by taxi, saw Dr. Hungs dental clinic, stopped and went in. I was impressed by how modern it was.

I was treated by Dr. Hung himself who told me that the problem with my crown was that the anchor was too short. He re drilled it and asked me to come back 2 days later, when he would fit a new anchor and tooth. I went home with a temporary tooth in place.

2 days later, I went back and had a new, longer anchor fitted and a much more realistic looking tooth attached.

I had no pain at all, the service was very good. Dr. Hung is a stickler for detail and explained every thing every step of the way. The cost, 480 USD. And, two years later it is still going strong and I can eat apples without worrying.

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