my biggest concern is which beach should I head for?

For the last few years I've done nothing but talk about moving abroad. Yet, up to now, the only thing that's moved is my mouth. Now I'm retired and for the most part live off the money I get from Social Security. I'm quite sure this doesn't come as some big breakthrough, but in America today, it's very difficult to get by on
Social Security alone.

I am determined to stop making noise, and start taking action. Initially, I was interested in Panama, or Ecuador. Now Nicaragua sounds very appealing to me. The country looks beautiful and appears
to  have not yet gained the popularity some other Latin American countries have. From all I've read, it still sounds affordable. I’d love to be in an area where I would find others, like myself, to socialize and spend time with. I am a single women and would be interested in some kind of community environment, if possible.

Nicaragua has mountains and rain forests but for me I'm heading to the beach. Currently, my biggest concern is which beach should I head for? There are beaches on the the ocean and beaches near lakes and lagoons. Sounds like a dream to me. I'm leaning towards the Pacific coast, possibly San Juan Del Sur, but am open to suggestions. I don't have much money, and would mostly be living off off my social security. I guess I would rent until I was certain about staying permanently.

It may not be smart, but once I decide on the area I'm going to, I would like to find a room or whatever to rent. On accomplishing that, I plan to pack myself and my cat up and get out of town(as they say). At least I will have moved away from New York City.

Again, any advice or information would be greatly welcomed.

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If you want lot's of expats, San Juan is your destination, 10 times more there than anywhere else on the beach.
My wife and I decided to go north to a less populated/dense/more expensive area and ended up 11 years ago in Las Penitas-Leon, a small fishing village (then) 15 miles west (on a pot holed road THEN). 
See, our little hotel on the ocean that has become the #1 gringo + local beach hangout.(only sports bar, best ocean front everything i.e. restaurant, surfing, etc..
Have a growing expat community but not extensive as down south.  Leon, the ex colonial capital city, is the 2nd largest city in Nicaragua and is also growing as a destination, is the northern version of Granada like Las Penitas is of San Juan del Sur, just not as well developed as a tourist or expat compound, but plenty of us none the less.  It's also much less expensive to live.  I have a beautiful 4 bedroom house on the beach with "attached" kitchen for $600 month and long term less.  In Calif or Hawaii from where I'm from would be $3,000-$5000+month.  Nice smaller homes not 'on' the beach can run $250-$400 month.  Lots to choose from.  Also have little apartment type rooms for $200 up across the street from the beach.
If you want LOTS of social interaction go south, if a little less "needy" north has it.

Nicaragua is so diverse as a expat baby boomer destination, you should really spend some time in both the south and northern regions to get a feel for what is right for you.

I agree if you are coming from New York, San Juan del Sur is an excellent choice.  I WOULD suggest that you stay in Granada for a few days to acclimatize and talk to the expats there, and then decide were you would like to try next. It is the most wonderful Country, Good luck. ..I am moving to popoyo beach in November near San Juan Del Sur.

We have been travelling here in Nica now for 4 weeks and have not found our groove here.
Lots of not know what people have been finding exciting here.the food is lousy,prices are inflated,language barrier if you do not speak spanish,gusty dirty roads,not overly friendly,loud and noisy,matcho attitude
I see that people are recommending San Juan del Sur....this is a teenage bobbing party town where how and what to puke is  the main subject of the day.
You can see the teenagers been carted around from barvto bar and all with loads of noise.
The beach is not that atractive at all....the sunset is the only thing.
We are trying to see the positive side,but its hard
I have a feeling that a lot of real estate people are trying to hype things up here to sell their wares...
Just my humble opinion ...but I have traveled tons

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