Cultural attitude or just some people?

This is my first time posting in the forums. I have had the opportunity to visit Nica on many occasions over the past 2 years. Currently, I am contemplating moving there and working for a private American educational institution that is actually highly employed by Nicaraguans. I would be one of the few Americans there, and would actually be replacing some older Americans that are looking to retire and move to Costa Rica.

During my visits to Nicaragua I have become good friends with some  Nicaraguans. They are genuinely wonderful people and are great friends. They have expressed sincere excitement at my possible move and have even offered to help me get answers to certain questions or put me in touch with other American expats. At first I didn’t want to overburden them, but they kept insisting that they help me. So, a few months ago I asked them just a few basic questions (before finding this website) and they were eager and insistent to help me with anything I would need. A month went by… answers……2 months went by no answers. But, we would talk weekly,catch up on Facebook, or talk on the phone about everything except any details or answers to questions. I didn't want to pester them or appear as an ugly american. They have been so giving and hospitable to me during my time in Nicaragua. After 2 months of no answers, I followed up with a quick email.  They quickly responded and said not to worry and that they were going to get me my answers this week (they also are supposed to be helping me with the details of a trip I am making this fall). Now it is almost a month later and still nothing. I haven't been able to talk to them on the phone or skype this month as I just started back to teaching and they are running a successful business there.

I realize that I could sound totally un-connected to the “real” Nicaraguan when I state this, but is this a common occurrance in Nicaragua or is this just an individual personality of a person/family? In my times in Nicaragua I have found that things move slower, but when I am there my friends are really helpful. I am not upset or frustrated, I am just wondering if this is something I just need to adjust to or it is time consider their answers to my questions and their help unreliable?

Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!

Hi nicagurleo and welcome to!
Nice post.:)

I'm sure that you will soon find someone to reply to your question...


As anywhere... you need to ask the right persons that has the answer you want or need. You are a teacher and do not understand that these people do not want to let you down but do not have the answer. Seems funny you go on & on with them but do not just ask them... and move forward.

Why not post your questions and get input from those that have been there done that and understand how it works.
Most locals do not have a lot of knowledge out side of their limited life and area. They are such loving, giving, sweet people but maybe donot or cannot find the answers.

What town (area) are you going to be living in? There are a lot of people in this country that have a lot of answers to a lot of things but with out you asking them how do they know what you need. We have been here 8 years+ and many locals and expats have helped in many ways... and now we are able to help others too.

It is pretty normal for here. You may want to call them again just to keep the fire going.  Getting information here can sometimes be like pulling teeth depending on what you are looking for. Time moves at a much slower pace here.

Yes, it is very typical from the people here, lets just say that they move at a different pace than we're used to.

What might be a better option is to look for some people that come from the states and have the same fire under their butt, if you will, to actually help you get the answers and solutions you're looking for.

This is extremely typical.  Your friends may really want to help you, but well, the telenovelas might be on when they remember and, well, nothing comes before a good show.  Then later, they may really want to help you but, it's raining, and who wants to go out in the rain.  Then later, when the rain stops, they may really want to help you, but they have run out of time on their phone, and who has the money to top up?  Later when they do have time, and the really want to help you, the telenovelas have come back on again!  Maybe tomorrow?

One of my few basic rules that have server me well is, If you don't know, ask a pro. For basic stuff (buying, selling, information) I just talk to lots of people and put the word out. Surprising how well this works. Patience is the key as others have said. Latinos work on their own time frame, not ours. Upfront said it the best way that I have ever heard. Kudos, Upfront.    Bryan

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