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Hello All,
My name is Mark. My wife & I are in our mid-fifties. We are seriously considering moving abroad ( from the US ) in a few years. I have just began to explore the possibilities of our destination. Ecuador is the first place I'll begin my in depth research. So far, I like what I am finding.

Hi Mark,

You should spend several months there before you decide if Ecuador is right for you.  All the areas differ also, so decide what type of lifestyle you want.  Spend time in the area that offers it.  I talk about the different areas in my blog post http://  adventurousretirement (dotcom) / blog/diverse-distinct-regions-ecuador, but I didn't include specifics about Cuenca and Loja.  People on this forum can share those with you.

I loved our time in Cuenca and in Quito; however, my husband does not feel the same way I do.  For that reason, we are not moving to Ecuador at this time.  It may change though.

wendy-adventurousretirement :

You should spend several months there before you decide if Ecuador is right for you.  All the areas differ also, so decide what type of lifestyle you want.  Spend time in the area that offers it.

Welcome to the Ecuador forum, Mark.

Wendy's advice above is not new, but it’s so valid it bears repeating on this forum.

Historically, Expats have chosen the highlands or the coast.

Due to the April 16 (2016) earthquake affecting the coast -- the devastation and the new perception of the perils in Ring of Fire cities -- that trend is changing for the coast.  Volcanic activity near the famous tourist town of Baños may rule that place out for some.  Tena and the Oriente are hot and humid, not usually a welcoming scenario for Expats.  Guayaquil is big, hot, humid and dangerous. 

As for the highlands cities, they have their own challenges:  High altitude is not for everyone.  Quito and Cuenca have air pollution on and near bus routes, probably due to the cheap fuel that is used.

For some, finding a personal Paradise may still be possible in the suburban valleys outside Quito .. smaller Expat-friendly places such as Cotacachi .. the high-percentage-of-Expats town of Vilcabamba and its Valley of Longevity at 5,000-feet altitude .. and Cuenca-area places away from the bus routes.

cccmedia in Quito

Thanks very much Wendy

3c...that is very informative . ....Thank Ye'

My opinion is that Ecuador is a fantastic destination or potential home.  If you love Spanish, or love learning it, and your mind is not sealed off, you will adapt, and love it. 
This country has such a beautiful character and the people are very friendly towards foreigners.  Aside from personal health in terms of ranking, that is tops as far as I’m concerned. When we moved here we had a 1 year plan, to see how it all works out. If all is good, we stay, and if not we move on.  We are sold.

Are there problems, yes there are, as you’ll find detailed throughout this forum. Visit and check it out, grasp some Spanish beforehand to make things easier for you whether during a visit or possible transition to living here.

Living in Quito (mountains) for me has proven to be incredibly beneficial health wise (this after initial setback). The Spanish language, communicating with Ecuadoreans (and Venezuelans) is a challenge that I absolutely love. There are many good people.  The more Spanish you learn the deeper you’ll get here. This is simply my perspective as I’m sure there are people that are just as happy living in bubbles and enjoying life here, which makes Ecuador that much more remarkable.

I agree.  You do not need to live in an extranjero bubble to be happy here.  For example, I live some kms outside of Vilcabamba, where there are any number of hippies from South America and other continents, rich Europeans, etc.  They can be seen at the expat haunts along the parque central.  But it is entirely possible to live without a lot of contact with these folks and enjoy the company of Ecuadorians.  The latter has been my choice and, after six months, I am still very happy here and intend to stay.  You can indeed choose your own community and mix it up.


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