Moving to Brazil from UK

Hi, we are moving to Brazil in November! My husband is Brazilian and we are going to be opening a Pousada. So many questions... Don't  know where to start so thought I would first try to find some expats close by! We are moving to Garopaba, Santa Catarina. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks 😀

Hi and Welcome, do as much research as you can. I am sure the folks will give you some more information. If possible read all of the post on everyday life. I am moving up north to Para State a town named Belem. As for now I read all I can on the country.

Hi Caroline
This may go without saying but my number one advice is to get yourself as fluent in Portuguese as possible, this will help you settle in better and especially if you need to deal with the paperwork and bureaucracy of running your own business. Fabulous location though, hope it all goes amazing!
Warm Wishes

do it with your money, don't try to borrow

Opening a successfull pousada is a very difficult business. We don't see much examples on the english forum (because english speakers think firstly to teach english I believe) but in the same forum in french, you will find much examples and advices against starting this type of business.
Too much competition; good location pousada over expensive; only full during holidays (if you're lucky). Need absolutely to be by near a capital to capt WE tourists (but then pousada even more expensive). A lot of paper work (especially to employ people); a lot of headaches with regulations; a lot of will find out that locals employ familly and don't declare anything; they find a way to deal with regulations and don't pay taxes. It means that outsiders (gringoes) cannot compete with locals.
Then are you already in this business?  Would you be able to open a Bnb in UK? If not, don't think to open one on Brazil.
If your husband and you are happy to work 24/7, you find a nice pousada in a good location and have some experience, all is possible. But not really the brazilian de am.

I would be interested to hear how you get along and it would be great if you posted some regular updates on your progress and feelings about the move.

I am British but lived in South Africa for 20 years - married to a Brazilian wife of 14 years and currently living in UK. My UK house is mortgage free now and at some stage we may rent out and spend some time in Brazil - with an eye to settle - using it as a springboard to other Latin American countries.

From my visits to Brazil I have no desire to live in either Sao Paulo/ Rio - to big to crime ridden. The North East (where my wife is from) is great to visit but not to live for any extensive period. Never been to Santa Catarina but the state looks prosperous and well governed by Brazilian fact it has similarities to Cape Town in both climate and appearance.

We would predominantly live on income from the UK but may top up with a small business. Don't want to get involved in teaching English etc but have considered the option of doing something outdoor related.....campsites, boat trips etc

Hi there! Yes, I will definately keep you updated. It is a beautiful part of Brazil and as you said, the infrastructure there is good. All the best!

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